SP Products History
Wire Assemblies
Innovative Installed Products
Video of QwikDuct HDPE custom templates being installed
QwikDuct HDPE Custom Template
Midcity electric installing QwikDuct HDPE Custom Templates
QwikDuct HDPE Custom Template
QwikDuct Custom footings, end bell adapter and tapered wedge
PVC Conduit bender, QwikDuct hole sizing chart and testimonial
"The Original" Conduit/box support plate
4-way, 2-way, plus half - conduit/box support plate - no clamps needed
Round conduit/box support plate
8-way, 2-way plus half - conduit/box support plate - no clamps needed
Conduit/box plate for larger junction boxes
Conduit/box support plate with fingers for larger junction boxes
"Quick Pipe" roof conduit support
Nylon wrap-around conduit straps
Conduit trapeze brackets -feed thru
Conduit trapeze brackets lay-in and custom
End bell SCH 40 PVC adapter
PVC reaming bits for transition couplings
Transition bushing adapter - SCH 40 PVC
No center stop slideon couplings
Box brackets for masonry block walls
Conduit plug with ID tag and hole for pull string
Stub up couplings
Support hangersfor heavy cable tray, pipe, conduit etc.
Threaded/threadless 3-conduit block support
EZ Hangers in T Bar ceilings
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Innovative Installed Products
Prefabricated Assemblies
Prefabricated Assemblies
Prefabricated assemblies for flex, MC cable and EMT
Custom prefabricated cable  - for power distribution units
Adjustable depth mud rings
Self tapping screw, grounding pigtails & custom wire leads
Tools & Equipment
Snap on/off steel protective covers
Rigid pipe joiner
Video of Rigid Pipe Joiner
Lamp guard with built-in socket
Dry wall cut out template
Live panel lockout brackets
Live panel temporary covers
Portable cable pullers
Cable pulling rollers
Anchor Bolt Template
Top slides for MC or low voltage cable pulls over T Bar ceiling
Low voltage cable comb
Ladder buddy shoulder pad